Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Cry Solace

cry Solace
into your palms
as the felt black night holds you
to its breast

it seems you fade, Solace
With every tear you shed,
it seems my breath goes though you

such fear in your eyes, Solace
of the unknown, is it?
is it that figure standing in the shadows?
just out of reach?

is it the voices in your mind, Solace?
that are dying to be heard?
do they scold you and make your eyes glaze over?

is it under your bed, Solace?
waiting to grab your ankles in its cold hands and eat you alive
as you scream and writhe?

Is it me, solace?
who cradles you?
and whispers in your ear?

why do you shiver so, Solace?
is it because you feel me?
do you feel my gentle fingers on your neck?

don't cry, Solace,
I'm here to show you a world that exists within me
in coiled expectation for a tear, it lives

why don't you look into my eyes Solace?
let them drink your tears

do you hear me scream Solace?
does it drive you to the brink?
do you feel like tearing at yourself till the chaos stops within?
do you feel the nails driven into your heart?
do you feel soiled in sin?
do you feel alone in this cold darkness?
that you lay, fetal, in?
do you feel stripped?
of all of your white sanity?
did i tell you?
i will be here for eternity