Monday, September 29, 2008


They stretch out as far as the eye can see
A Million doors line the scene
Each step leads to other myriad courses
This life seems anything but free

It seems I have wandered off again
There is a road where none should have been
It has led me back to the crossroads I had passed
Somewhere on the horizon behind me

I had been here many moons before
And had walked with certainty through that door
The mahogany one on the left, I was so very sure
And it stands before me once more

The others always looked so tempting and open
Promising to lead me on golden roads unbroken
But the mahogany, with dreams in every grain
Promises crossroads galore

And so I stand, my temples begin to ache
Don’t know how many roads and doorknobs I can take
Life’s million choices have finally driven me insane
While I am torn to every door

How can I see which ones are strewn with glass
Which are real and which ones a farce
How many feet must I wedge in every door
Just to be given a second chance once more

How many doors will slam shut in my face
Forcing another crossroad to take its place
Another foot broken as my steps, I retrace
To the maze of crossroads I traversed before

This one in particular, seems harder than the rest
And so it seems with every new road I must test
And so it will be for the worst and the best
That I choose to walk, once I open the door

If only there was a path between
Where such choices would seem obscene
Where rainbows would be bright and clean
And regret would be forgotten for evermore

In these tired eyes, this maze blurs together
I grow weary of this pointless endeavor
Maybe I wish the end were nearer
But for the fire that burns in every pore.

Life will be what I desire it to be
Whether I be tethered or winged and free
I will tear down the walls that encumber me
And with them I will build another door.