Friday, June 01, 2007


The dim light beckons me
Out of my bed
The beams of dust hit the floor
Warming it
Bringing streaks
Of a new day
Through the panes of glass

So long it has been
Since I opened these eyes
Crowding below this
Brilliant window
The flowers gather
Eager for touch
A stroke
Of a sun–ray

It hurts to look up and out
But I do
Squinting as I do so
And the lost angels
Float across the sky
Carelessly, wings spread
The wind carrying them
To the edges of the Earth

The boards creak
The smell of pine
Wafts up to my nostrils
I turn
She stands there
Arms outstretched
A tear like a dewdrop
Fresh in the morn
Runs down her cheek
The petal

The embrace is tight
The tears are free
The joy is full

We dance across the pine
Under the arched walls
The sunlight covering us
For all to see
Twitters of music
Waft through the window
Bringing us together
For this final embrace