Friday, June 15, 2007


Onward he glares
Through the weeping clouds
As they scream in his ears
To cast him out

This land hates his being
The earth quakes at his feet
But nothing can move this tower
Of flesh, blood and tenacity

Slowly he steps on black earth beyond
The border that had beckoned him so long ago
The leather holds the needles of wind
As his shoes sink slowly into the beaten ground

It beckons…it waits
For him to embrace
To taste the heart of a million wraiths
It can feel the strength
That stands before it
And feel the power it so desires

One touch
One word
And the light ascends
To the heavens
Cursing a thousand spells
The cursed earth roars beneath
As the warrior stands steady in his leather clad feet

It is time for union
A time for immortality
A time for the death of this betrayed reality
In this magic it is the beginning of infinity

It is the merging of two souls that beckons us here today

One stands patient
Rooted to destiny
Its limbs to the sky
Awaiting this cold dark entity
That walks patiently
With time on his shoulders
Knowing the need for these beings to collide

We stand here staring
Encircling the stage

As the wind howls in lonely defeat
Enchanted and ignorant of the drama that unfolds before us

The two aberrations merge and the air turns strange
As the mortal and the immortal become one before us

Friday, June 01, 2007


The dim light beckons me
Out of my bed
The beams of dust hit the floor
Warming it
Bringing streaks
Of a new day
Through the panes of glass

So long it has been
Since I opened these eyes
Crowding below this
Brilliant window
The flowers gather
Eager for touch
A stroke
Of a sun–ray

It hurts to look up and out
But I do
Squinting as I do so
And the lost angels
Float across the sky
Carelessly, wings spread
The wind carrying them
To the edges of the Earth

The boards creak
The smell of pine
Wafts up to my nostrils
I turn
She stands there
Arms outstretched
A tear like a dewdrop
Fresh in the morn
Runs down her cheek
The petal

The embrace is tight
The tears are free
The joy is full

We dance across the pine
Under the arched walls
The sunlight covering us
For all to see
Twitters of music
Waft through the window
Bringing us together
For this final embrace

Thursday, May 10, 2007

To Hell

The waves washed away the pain

As I opened my arms again

To the demons that beckon me

The sky opens in brilliant hate

I am brought to my knees

In a craving to satiate

The destiny that holds me

My wings unfurled

As the waves are hurled

At the perch on which I kneel

As I am pulled towards

The heavenly light

Of the hell that awaits me

Thursday, February 15, 2007

In Darkness & in Light

You sit in the womb

Of your own making

Dark and cold

So you can hear your own heart breaking

No sobs echo through you

Only tears fall on your palms

As you dream of your past

And nightmares that grow dark

Every arm that reaches in

Reaches to pull you out

But in your palms lie your eyes

In pools of tears that tremble out

You are waiting

For a new beginning that comes

To birth you into

The sunshine that burns

You can see the pinpoint

Of love that touches you

And crave for the touch

Of the one that adores you

A smile spreads like light

On the dew of dawn

From the horizon it begins distant

And grows as the darkness recedes until it’s gone

There lies his face

Shining before you

The sunlight you have waited for

Has now greeted you

New born in this spring afternoon

The flowers rise to greet you

As you sing into the breeze

And dance to the new tune

But soon the darkness descends

As the clouds grow thick around you

He will not be here

To hold and caress you

Now you wait again
With baited breath and deep drowning love
For him to return
And give you wings to shame the clouds above

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Gentle waif of summer’s dream,

Your face shines with a smile of glee

With voice of sweetest laughter

The twinkle in your eyes wink at me

Such joy lives within you

Sweet as morning dew

That light that shines so brightly

Shines from deep within thee

I haven’t lived the days you do

And I know not what troubles you

But the warmth that you exude

Saves me from the winter breeze

Like tulips in bloom your lips part in smile

Childlike innocence in your eyes

If angels lived on this cruel earth

You, an angel, are sure to be

So I write you this gift of rhyme

For the only gift I have are words

May your beauty endure till the end of time

And may the one to gaze upon it…be me