Thursday, March 06, 2008


Sitting before me with a blank stare
Barely alive, barely aware

I’ve known him for years
But we just met
But the silence grows thicker with every breath
What can I say to this man who betrayed me?
A man I thought I knew as someone who understood me

I have never felt such cold hate before
Such decisive resentment,
Such anger, before
It burns in his eyes like a cold, black fire
As the screams grow louder outside the door

This was my last chance at salvation and peace
To come to terms with these devils and beasts
Whose shadows flutter across the floor
From the light that beckons from under the door.

Twisted is he, old and grey
The oblivious youth has given way
Forgotten innocence has paved the way
For the frigid fury I sit before today

He will not move
He will not leave
No matter how I wind and weave
Through the million promises I have sworn to keep
And the shattered oaths that lie at my feet

He stares on as the screams grow ever louder
The air grows thick with smoke and powder
How can he hold my reigns this tight?
And why have I never found the courage to fight?

It seems I knew him little or not at all
Even less now that he sits in this mirror on the wall

Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Feather

The feather falls
And where it touches
The ground
An echo emanates
While the breath of dust
Descends on the fibres
Each strand reaches out to touch the wind
And sways at the slightest of breezes
Such a breeze wouldn’t touch a leaf
And yet it would take this feather to the heavens

The fur of brightest blue
Flutters as it rolls clumsily across the ground
Until a sudden gust of wind
Lifts it off the ground
So it can fly amongst clouds of rain
And play with the dew drops

And the feather races across the sky
It’s chariot of wind carrying it
To uncharted, unknown places
Not one person will ever see that feather twice
For it never stops
It flows with time and clime
Touching every living soul
On the face of the earth
Turning brown to green
And black to blue
Setting a new balance
Where it can someday
Perch itself in the cover of a cloud
And look down on a fresh creation