Friday, December 22, 2006

The Passing

In dark approach

Feeling the walls for light

Feeling the walls to lead me to her.

And then I find her

Lying in silken splendor

On the warm mattress

Crumpled sheets surround her

As she lies in their

Valleys, passes and plains

Slowly, shakily

She breathes in the fragrance of the thousand flowers there,

Bidding her farewell.

She opens her lips

Still moist but drying

And whispers

“I love thee

But time is leaving me,

And what time leaves behind

Only memory can hold to its breast

So hold me my dearest

Hold me in your heart forever

For soon time shall leave me.”

And I said,

“I shall my love,

Hold you forever

I shall,

And now time is leaving you

And I shall nurture the future you leave me

In your honor my lady

I will live

Holding, with memory,

What time has lost

What I shall never lose.

Be on your way,

Leave no worries behind

And I shall be with thee soon,

When the future grows tired of me.”

And gently her eyes closed

A sigh of relief left her soft lips

And the wind

Swept her soul away

So far away from me.

Monday, September 25, 2006


These sunny days

The sun shines through

The blankets of rain

Like spotlights on the greatest stages

Showing the smallest

Most potent animals

The ways to their prey

Sweet Smells of Evening

Sweetest sadness brushes against my skin

Dripping with laughing tears

Dry sweet harmony sweats from our brow

Tasting carefully everything I hear

Droll breathing rasping merrily

Evening shrouds my breathing tendons

Heart aches ever so terribly

Head drops down in a sleepy bow

Lively blood crawls through my fingers

Turning every finger to me

Dropping through

My breath lingers

Everything smells so purple lately

So smile sweet sorrow

Spread your grin

The sky arches its back


Wipe this wet sorrow from your cheeks

The world is grayer than you can tell

Away your mind tension seeks

Look up

Into the brainstream of Hell

The liquid flows across the stars

The stars gaze narrowly

The eye-light springs from the dark

Twisting its claws hungrily

Dreaming of dry sweatless nights

Sheets crumpled under you back

The pillow piled in the clench of your might

The room gives a steady glow of black

Waking in the room of lighted morn

A newest child within you born

Teach the child to learn to hate

Show your child heaven?s gate

Wrench the darkness through a keyhole

Drown it in your glowing sight

Swallow it in the state of whole

And in your belly

Sleeps the night

Monday, July 03, 2006

The Everlasting Breath

The world has its ways. Human nature is in itself flawed by nature. Mine is too. We all are hypocrites and we all hate it. This world can never be just and right because humans aren't. All the same we see these things within us and around us and this causes extreme discomfort. There is always the need to be acknowledged and treated justly and the lack of it builds frustration, anger and hate and the entire thing comes full circle. Some incidences have taken place that have affected me. Some things that I usually wouldn't care about....But my emotions were stirred and I wrote them down. It's all one big release...My writings are essentially exhalations...Hence, the everlasting breath!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Power Drools...

Power is everything. Power is what drives us to the edge of sanity and to the darkest depths of humanity. I can't call it inhumanity as it resides within all humans, and that includes you and me.

Power is with the politicians....

Power has left the people....

No matter how empowered you think you are....

You are just a pawn....

They know how you think...

And they know what you want...

You want power in any way possible...

And they make you believe you have it....

You have never been more abused....

Our lives are going down the drain while they get all the glory....

For what?


Quotas have made our efforts to be the best we can be, a complete waste of effort. They have put us all to shame. The best of us who have worked our asses off to get to where we are today find an impenetrable wall of politics standing between us and our dreams.

And yes, that leads to anger...

It leads to astonishment and shock at what your country and do to you...

The why should we do anything for our country?

People are being brutally murdered in our very midst as people look on in horror and then pretend nothing happened because the powerful silenced their voices.

To what lengths must we go to, to be heard? What must we do to make these people see the devastation and craze they have left behind them in their unending quest for power and money? Thousands of men, women and children are being tortured for power. What power will weak give you when they have none of their own?

We are being every ugly sense of the word...raped of our decency, our dreams, our lives and our future to satisfy the sadistic hunger of these monsters.

How will we be heard? Will hunger strikes do the trick? I don't think so. You are worth more alive than dead. If you starve to death, get burned alive, or get beaten by riot police in the middle of a peaceful procession, it's all the same to them. You will be one less irritant when you die.

We sit here with bruised and broken bodies, blood in our mouths and parched throats begging for a taste of justice. This thirst will soon turn to a thirst for blood.

Is that what it will take to make them understand? Will it take war to make peace? Will it take war to bring justice alive again? Will it take war? Will it take our lives to avenge those who were wronged? Must we resort to bloodshed to get justice?

And what happens when we decimate the very government that rules us? Human nature will take over and chaos will reign with more injustice than we ever had before.

We, therefore, are in a catch 22 situation, where greed for power and money will reign if we do nothing and chaos will reign if we fight.

Do not degrade yourselves by starving. It will only do them good. Save your strength. War will rule and chaos will reign!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Stop giving a....

What is the world coming to? A sick soup of power, hunger, indulgence, love and greed. What are these people living for? As they go about living their mundane lives, very much like me, but are they aware of what they're headed into? A bottomless pit of pointlessness! Freedom remains a vague dream forgotten over morning coffee in the mad rush to join mundanity before it leaves on the 9:00 am bus.

Slow down?
Stop giving a fuck!
Miss the bus, feel the rich fabric of excitement that folds itself around you as you break on scheduled appointment with the whitewashed wall that is your life. Predictability that makes your nose bleed every day.

Go out!
Stop giving a fuck!
Get into your tiny underpowered car or onto your highly fuel efficient 100 cc bike or whatever gets you from one workstation to another and go in the other direction. Don't ask me which way, just "the other direction". Find the ruts and the ditches that freedom has to offers well as that hard climb to the top of the hill just so you can scream down the other side at speeds that make your eyes water.

Break Something!
Stop giving a fuck!
Pick up a hammer and break something or pick up something and break a hammer. One way or another, your wife wouldn't want it anyway, right? It?s ok; your salary can buy you something better. So why not? As long as it makes a loud clamor that shatters the glass walls that surround you.

Fuck someone!
Stop giving a fuck! Go up to the first babe that catches your eye first thing in the morning and take her to bed. So what if you?ve been laying her for the past ten years and fathered her children? Fuck her like you've never fucked her before. Make her scream until the neighbors come home to find you in a sweaty pile of linen in their master bedroom. You would have done it at your own house except the kids were home, the kitchen was being renovated and the dining table was leaning a little to the right.

Space out!
Stop giving a fuck!
Just lie back with a cold beer resting next to you as a bowl of the greasiest bacon imaginable lies amiably on your hairy stomach as you scratch yourself in places you had almost forgotten about.

Watch people go by living their lives in a pointless means to an inevitable end and realize how much fuller life can be of chicken, whisky and women.

Just don't quit your day job....
And don't try this at home....
Get to work on time...
Drink your coffee....
Eat low fat, high fiber, nutrient rich foods....
Work out....
Stop reading pointless blogs while you should be doing something else....
Don't smoke....
Don't drink....
Don't give a fuck!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Cry Solace

cry Solace
into your palms
as the felt black night holds you
to its breast

it seems you fade, Solace
With every tear you shed,
it seems my breath goes though you

such fear in your eyes, Solace
of the unknown, is it?
is it that figure standing in the shadows?
just out of reach?

is it the voices in your mind, Solace?
that are dying to be heard?
do they scold you and make your eyes glaze over?

is it under your bed, Solace?
waiting to grab your ankles in its cold hands and eat you alive
as you scream and writhe?

Is it me, solace?
who cradles you?
and whispers in your ear?

why do you shiver so, Solace?
is it because you feel me?
do you feel my gentle fingers on your neck?

don't cry, Solace,
I'm here to show you a world that exists within me
in coiled expectation for a tear, it lives

why don't you look into my eyes Solace?
let them drink your tears

do you hear me scream Solace?
does it drive you to the brink?
do you feel like tearing at yourself till the chaos stops within?
do you feel the nails driven into your heart?
do you feel soiled in sin?
do you feel alone in this cold darkness?
that you lay, fetal, in?
do you feel stripped?
of all of your white sanity?
did i tell you?
i will be here for eternity

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sanity's Twisted Brother

Living sky molded with colour
The dreaded sun making the life of death fuller.

Raving lunatics run around in circles
Laughing at the sober blue above
Around in circles
They dance for their fire

Around their lives
Lives one mocking liar

Spread to the directions
Of the meaningless compass
Their arms wave in maddened bliss
Drained of sanity
Drained of sin
In their heads
Chaos is locked in

Beating at the padded walls
Chaos wreaks its rule
The eyes unseeing of what happened
No one can call me a fool

Only too aware are they
Of their ravings
Only too nauseous
No knowledge of leaving

Leaving this hellbound hole,
No leaving at all
The heart and eyes
Watch over what is being done
By this strange body
Visitors in a strange land
Watching as the body spins itself
In circles in the sand
As the mouth gapes
And the laughter pours out
Like a flooded river
Empty in some way
Just a maddening urge to laugh
To mock this world as it stands
For it deserves no better
It deserves nothing
If it gives nothing

Just lay there and laugh
For it is I who controls this world

Sunday, January 15, 2006

My Butterfly

My Butterfly
© Copyright Abhijit Chanda 2004

With gentle caress
And sweetest touch
The butterfly alights on my hand
With golden wings
With ruby emeralds set
Into its soft wings.

With unending wonder
I gaze at it.
How could such beauty choose me?
How could the honor befall
This simple man like me?
Honored indeed
I am to see
Such beauty with folded wings
But if I move,
If I twitch,
This beauty shall take wing
And never be seen again.

So I hold still
As a night in midsummer
Watching and waiting
As this butterfly breathes
Sitting dainty
In golden glory
Upon my hand like living jewelry

But alas
A twitch comes unseen
To shake the hand that holds thee
And then thy wings open outwards
And beat the air in startled fashion
And off you flutter
Through the flowers
Away from me
Just for the one twitch
That I couldn?t stop.

But you shall always live in my eyes,
With ruby-emerald wings
And I hope you forgive me
And come back to me
And I promise
Never to twitch again.