Saturday, November 19, 2005

A Poem by a Poet

© Abhijit Chanda 2004

With High hopes and low doubts
I stepped into this world
With sweat and toil and midnight oil
The hell began to unfurl

It showed me more questions
Than the answers that I seek
Numbers I couldn?t comprehend
I was alone and naked to my feet

A nightmare grew
One we?ve all seen aplenty
An exam lay before me
But no answers dropped by to help me

Utterly stupid
Utterly shocked
Utterly dumbfounded
My mind utterly blocked

Numbers are for the non-poets
And poems are for me
Omar Kemal spoke gibberish
When he spoke of decision trees

How am I to live through
This hell I have bought
I paid good money
Will they give me what I sought?

Constant torture
Day by day
With incomprehensible equations
The answer to success, they say, is hidden in these numbers
But I told you before
These days have turned meaningless
What numbers am I supposed to crunch?
When I feel so damned toothless?

But by and by something awakes
And stirs within me
A vague understanding is born
One day it shall set me free

Before I know it
This year has come to an end
I have nothing to show for it
I have no pride to defend

But alas! One day a revelation arrives
Mistakes are made by everyone
And everyone survives
I have made many
And so have many others
But if I learn to build my soul around them
The very wall will shudder

Success is beckoning me
I journey to its embrace
Nothing now can break me
For I have looked Hell in its face

..... a poem inspired by the book "Snapshots from Hell"

Your War Returns to You

© Copyright Abhijit Chanda 2004

As the bodies fall and feed the Earth
I stare across the desert dreaming
No more that I can do
For this world
All the bodies spread through
Like a ragged velvet carpet
On a hungry ground

Remember the dead
Creep through your thoughts
And remember them
Don?t forget
For they will never forget you
How you teased their minds
Like honey

Freedom cried to be freed
To be born again from the hearts
Of the betrayed
The lonely morals stand once again
The rage of hell

Countless slashed of their lives
Reaped for nothing
A failed harvest
Yet they scream on
In vengeance
For they must have what was never theirs
For they must kill
Who was never born to die
From these hands
Yet they scream on

The thirst for flesh is not enough
One must take what was never given
Never was theirs.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


The fires burned in the nightly glow,
The heat was real,
Chilled the bone
The hearts born there,
Born of black ice,
The eyes that saw there,
Burned in blue hell

As he walked through the passage
To his world,
Creatures of obscurity,
Tumbled towards him,
Straight from the furnace of it?s birth,
The madness creeps in


How can you just leave me?
Sitting here
Sitting here
Breaking through my mental barrier
I want to take you
Take you and break you
Break you away from this torn exile
From this reality in which I am exiled
Exiled for eternity
Broken, shredded, torn
I want to take you away
You don't belong here
You don't belong with me
With my reality
Don't stay with me
I might hurt you
My mind will hurt you
It will break you
Like it broke me
Like it broke me
Like it broke my soul
I am a soulless shell
A body with a demon for a brain
I don't deserve you
You don't deserve me
I might break you
Run away
Before it gets you
I can't stop it
It's got me
It'll make me do things I don't want to
I might take you
I don't want to
Take you, break you
Please leave me
I?m sorry