Friday, June 15, 2007


Onward he glares
Through the weeping clouds
As they scream in his ears
To cast him out

This land hates his being
The earth quakes at his feet
But nothing can move this tower
Of flesh, blood and tenacity

Slowly he steps on black earth beyond
The border that had beckoned him so long ago
The leather holds the needles of wind
As his shoes sink slowly into the beaten ground

It beckons…it waits
For him to embrace
To taste the heart of a million wraiths
It can feel the strength
That stands before it
And feel the power it so desires

One touch
One word
And the light ascends
To the heavens
Cursing a thousand spells
The cursed earth roars beneath
As the warrior stands steady in his leather clad feet

It is time for union
A time for immortality
A time for the death of this betrayed reality
In this magic it is the beginning of infinity

It is the merging of two souls that beckons us here today

One stands patient
Rooted to destiny
Its limbs to the sky
Awaiting this cold dark entity
That walks patiently
With time on his shoulders
Knowing the need for these beings to collide

We stand here staring
Encircling the stage

As the wind howls in lonely defeat
Enchanted and ignorant of the drama that unfolds before us

The two aberrations merge and the air turns strange
As the mortal and the immortal become one before us