Sunday, July 05, 2009


My heart races
As her fingers crawl
Up my legs
At the touch
Nerves screaming with agony
Sizzling tongues have reached my waist
I shudder as she takes a taste
As she licks the skin off my bones
And crawls up my spine
Her fingers creep up my arms
Singing hair above my clenching palms
The agony as she bites into my skin and creeps into my flesh
She engulfs me furious, ravenous, and glorious
My skin turns to paper as she engulfs me
And her heat burns through me
The smell of her brings tears to my eyes
Nothing will be cold any longer
We have come together
Perfectly feeding
I become her
Skin turns to paper and I
Rise in ashes
To the sky
And my
Feed the ground

Monday, February 23, 2009


We build our own cages with rituals and sages
We tie ourselves down with our father’s leashes
We scream at the world as we live our lives in pages
Of scripture scrawled by the drunkards of the ages

We bury ourselves in the ashes of our dreams
And wake through the night so we can live ‘til morning
Oblivious and deaf to the bloodcurdling screams
Of the wives, children and mothers and the sons they are mourning

We inhale this acrid air as we gasp for breath
We kill for money and eat ourselves to death
We curse your luck as we drink to your health
And we swear we’ve been true until our dying breath

We swear at the truth as we lie through our teeth
We clip our wings and shoot at our feet
We laugh at the paupers who die in the heat
And maim the children who lie at our feet

We have spread across the earth imprisoned by our fears
Our dreams lie in ashes and drenched in our tears
We have emptied our guns and broken our spears
Into our brothers and sisters of two million years

It seems we are the disease, a virus so pure
Efficiently feeding and rotting from the core
We wonder if nature will, someday, find a cure
As we die out and fade, a mistake, nothing more