Monday, September 25, 2006


These sunny days

The sun shines through

The blankets of rain

Like spotlights on the greatest stages

Showing the smallest

Most potent animals

The ways to their prey

Sweet Smells of Evening

Sweetest sadness brushes against my skin

Dripping with laughing tears

Dry sweet harmony sweats from our brow

Tasting carefully everything I hear

Droll breathing rasping merrily

Evening shrouds my breathing tendons

Heart aches ever so terribly

Head drops down in a sleepy bow

Lively blood crawls through my fingers

Turning every finger to me

Dropping through

My breath lingers

Everything smells so purple lately

So smile sweet sorrow

Spread your grin

The sky arches its back


Wipe this wet sorrow from your cheeks

The world is grayer than you can tell

Away your mind tension seeks

Look up

Into the brainstream of Hell

The liquid flows across the stars

The stars gaze narrowly

The eye-light springs from the dark

Twisting its claws hungrily

Dreaming of dry sweatless nights

Sheets crumpled under you back

The pillow piled in the clench of your might

The room gives a steady glow of black

Waking in the room of lighted morn

A newest child within you born

Teach the child to learn to hate

Show your child heaven?s gate

Wrench the darkness through a keyhole

Drown it in your glowing sight

Swallow it in the state of whole

And in your belly

Sleeps the night