Friday, December 22, 2006

The Passing

In dark approach

Feeling the walls for light

Feeling the walls to lead me to her.

And then I find her

Lying in silken splendor

On the warm mattress

Crumpled sheets surround her

As she lies in their

Valleys, passes and plains

Slowly, shakily

She breathes in the fragrance of the thousand flowers there,

Bidding her farewell.

She opens her lips

Still moist but drying

And whispers

“I love thee

But time is leaving me,

And what time leaves behind

Only memory can hold to its breast

So hold me my dearest

Hold me in your heart forever

For soon time shall leave me.”

And I said,

“I shall my love,

Hold you forever

I shall,

And now time is leaving you

And I shall nurture the future you leave me

In your honor my lady

I will live

Holding, with memory,

What time has lost

What I shall never lose.

Be on your way,

Leave no worries behind

And I shall be with thee soon,

When the future grows tired of me.”

And gently her eyes closed

A sigh of relief left her soft lips

And the wind

Swept her soul away

So far away from me.