Sunday, July 05, 2009


My heart races
As her fingers crawl
Up my legs
At the touch
Nerves screaming with agony
Sizzling tongues have reached my waist
I shudder as she takes a taste
As she licks the skin off my bones
And crawls up my spine
Her fingers creep up my arms
Singing hair above my clenching palms
The agony as she bites into my skin and creeps into my flesh
She engulfs me furious, ravenous, and glorious
My skin turns to paper as she engulfs me
And her heat burns through me
The smell of her brings tears to my eyes
Nothing will be cold any longer
We have come together
Perfectly feeding
I become her
Skin turns to paper and I
Rise in ashes
To the sky
And my
Feed the ground