Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Gentle waif of summer’s dream,

Your face shines with a smile of glee

With voice of sweetest laughter

The twinkle in your eyes wink at me

Such joy lives within you

Sweet as morning dew

That light that shines so brightly

Shines from deep within thee

I haven’t lived the days you do

And I know not what troubles you

But the warmth that you exude

Saves me from the winter breeze

Like tulips in bloom your lips part in smile

Childlike innocence in your eyes

If angels lived on this cruel earth

You, an angel, are sure to be

So I write you this gift of rhyme

For the only gift I have are words

May your beauty endure till the end of time

And may the one to gaze upon it…be me


anu said...

don't quiet know how to put the feeling thru' after reading this one. heard u say that the pain (in your poetry) is never yours. wonder then how brilliantly u can create a picture so vivid that touches the heart? whatever and for whoever it is, keep going J. lovely work yet again :-)

Abhijit Chanda said...

Thank you ever so much really means a lot.

Bud said...

If only you knew :-)
When did you write this?

Abhijit Chanda said...

oh over a year ago man. it was a request from a friend though....yes yes, i know what it looks like, but no it isn't. I wrote one for yout oo remember?