Thursday, May 10, 2007

To Hell

The waves washed away the pain

As I opened my arms again

To the demons that beckon me

The sky opens in brilliant hate

I am brought to my knees

In a craving to satiate

The destiny that holds me

My wings unfurled

As the waves are hurled

At the perch on which I kneel

As I am pulled towards

The heavenly light

Of the hell that awaits me


Anonymous said...

No hell awaits thee

Abhijit Chanda said...

Well thank ye for your blessings...

Anonymous said...

Good things happen to good people and you're welcome.

Abhijit Chanda said...

and who might you be?

Abhijit Chanda said...

not to mention, I thank ye again

Anonymous said...

Dont thank me,i read your stuff,moved me,you seem rather troubled.You seem like you live in a different world altogether.You've either seen too much,or have'nt seen anything at all.Your writing fascinates me.

Abhijit Chanda said...

Why thank you very much. I have actually written an article on my blog about how my writing comes to me. It's called "Of poetry and subconscious motivations". To tell you the truth, I have seen nothing at all. I have a happy life with the same ups and downs as anyone else. But most of my poems come from a sense of empathy as well as philosophical wonder of the things not apparent in our lives. I love personifying emotions, concepts and thoughts and imagining how they would behave.

I will continue to post my articles on this blog...more often now that I have someone who reads them :). It would be great if you could continue to read my work and comment on it.

Thanks again.

karishma said...

So full of emptiness,
Yet empty
In this tangled maze
called life

the pain rages on
it hasn’t been long
I look to reconcile

Life comes apart in bits
And then gets put back together
Only for the bits to be pulled apart
One at a time

Love, it means so much
That my heart seems to fall apart
Oh God grant my wish, please