Thursday, December 04, 2008


Her hair fills my hands
As thunder rolls through my ears
As the cerulean sea creeps upon the land
And touches the sky in a gentle horizon
The blueberries lie forgotten and lie sprawled across the sand
And the turquoise rug that cushioned their fall

My tears sear down my cheeks
And yet won’t warm
Her lips and her kisses
That are now a bitter blue
As her brilliant azure eyes
Gaze longingly at the heavens

How I wish those eyes would turn
And look into my own
As she had tried so many times
If only I had not looked away
If only they could see me now

Memories wash by
One for every tear
One for every moment
One for every step I took back
And every step she took forward
One for every time she called my name
One for every kiss
And every one I missed
One for every grain of sand
Beneath us
As wave after wave reaches out for her

We had drifted, I think
From lovers to strangers
Without oars
And without a guiding star
I had grown deaf to her voice
Perhaps drowned out by my own turbulent seas
And I was blind to her tears
It is a wonder, how my own tears
Clear my vision

We had drifted
From such deep beauty
Such empathetic ecstasy
Pure penetrating love
That bound us together with such passion
How had we come undone?
Now estranged and alone in each other’s arms

The sun sets and touches her eyes
As the waves flow gently beneath her hair
And there abandoned on the sand
Lies an empty shell next to her
Orange in the evening light

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sindu said...

hey... beautifully written.. thoug it was a bit of esoteria.. for.. i think 1 need to personally experience .. n reread it a hell lot of times.. to absorb dat image n beauty.. really luvd the i wish her eyes wud turn ...n memories wash by....amazing....