Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Stars Have Fallen

The night is calm
Clouds glow above the trees
And peer at the scarred moon

The tide has risen
And so have the stars
They glisten on the beach
The stars have fallen

Warmth in my hand
Warmth from hers
And the cold world falls away
As we tread on fallen stars

The wind brushes our hair
Flowing over the whispering sea
The sea that used to roar
Has been hushed and softened
The waves have fallen
And so have the stars on the glistening sand

Warmth slips away from my hand
Her eyes have fallen
They speak a story
Of torturous truth
Our love has fallen
And lies shattered on the glistening sand

She watches as my embers take wing
And disappear across sands
She treads softly on the stars
I stand alone

The moon peers through the eager clouds
At a scarred stranger
The cold has moved in again
Stars have fallen this evening


Minx said...

Love the visual picture this generates....

Abhijit Chanda said...

Thanks hon. It's all about the vision within after all :)

Vineeta said...

Your writing is effortless. There is a lightness of touch to this poem even though the emotions are obviously deep and you emphasise the 'fallen' element. And yes, it's all very vivid.

Can you write about something you haven't felt? Curious...

Abhijit Chanda said...

But of course I can. A surprising amount of my writing is about things i've never felt. Keep reading and I'll tell you which ones (I frankly don't remember right now)

And thank you so much for you lovely comments. Made my day!