Sunday, January 15, 2006

My Butterfly

My Butterfly
© Copyright Abhijit Chanda 2004

With gentle caress
And sweetest touch
The butterfly alights on my hand
With golden wings
With ruby emeralds set
Into its soft wings.

With unending wonder
I gaze at it.
How could such beauty choose me?
How could the honor befall
This simple man like me?
Honored indeed
I am to see
Such beauty with folded wings
But if I move,
If I twitch,
This beauty shall take wing
And never be seen again.

So I hold still
As a night in midsummer
Watching and waiting
As this butterfly breathes
Sitting dainty
In golden glory
Upon my hand like living jewelry

But alas
A twitch comes unseen
To shake the hand that holds thee
And then thy wings open outwards
And beat the air in startled fashion
And off you flutter
Through the flowers
Away from me
Just for the one twitch
That I couldn?t stop.

But you shall always live in my eyes,
With ruby-emerald wings
And I hope you forgive me
And come back to me
And I promise
Never to twitch again.


Sharmishta said...

Kiddo, this is beautiful....and I can't wait for another.

Anu said...

the butterfly has always been my favorite of all that u've ever written. Just experienced the same tingle down the spine as I felt when I first heard it. If only the unforeseen twitches never happen..Ha!

karishma said...

the butterfly never really goes very far.
and for the wonderful man you are, it will never e you. do not ever doubt, even for a minute that you are not worthy of all the beauty that you receive.

a man with such a pure and beautiful heart is rare to find.stay beautiful.