Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sanity's Twisted Brother

Living sky molded with colour
The dreaded sun making the life of death fuller.

Raving lunatics run around in circles
Laughing at the sober blue above
Around in circles
They dance for their fire

Around their lives
Lives one mocking liar

Spread to the directions
Of the meaningless compass
Their arms wave in maddened bliss
Drained of sanity
Drained of sin
In their heads
Chaos is locked in

Beating at the padded walls
Chaos wreaks its rule
The eyes unseeing of what happened
No one can call me a fool

Only too aware are they
Of their ravings
Only too nauseous
No knowledge of leaving

Leaving this hellbound hole,
No leaving at all
The heart and eyes
Watch over what is being done
By this strange body
Visitors in a strange land
Watching as the body spins itself
In circles in the sand
As the mouth gapes
And the laughter pours out
Like a flooded river
Empty in some way
Just a maddening urge to laugh
To mock this world as it stands
For it deserves no better
It deserves nothing
If it gives nothing

Just lay there and laugh
For it is I who controls this world

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