Saturday, February 23, 2008


She walked into the room
And read the words
The words which shot a hole
Right through her chest
The words which flushed
Every drop of life out of her heart
She sat slowly down on her bed
Her eyes filled with tears
The likes of which
She would never feel again

Thoughts of a million questions
Washed through her head
Her need for life
His life
Lay sprawled on the floor, dead
She cried till her eyes grew dry
But only till tears filled her again
And again she would cry

She stared dazedly out of her window
Staring at the stars that lay beyond

And she remembered
Though her eyes were a blur
The sun rising before her
Something he had said to her

Her lips quivered in remembrance
She squeezed her eyes shut
She ground her teeth to stifle her wail

As the sun peeked around the hills again
She could hear him say to her
Calling from the yellow yonder
“This sunrise I have made for you
Even though I’m no longer
I promise I will wait for you
Don’t cry, just smile for me
And I’ll give to you
The stars on a silver platter.”

And through her tears
She smiled
And kissed the sun


Crisscrossing Sanity said...

Another beautiful one, again. Don't understand the reason for this recurring theme, though.

Abhijit Chanda said...

thanks arushi,

recurring theme? What recurring theme?