Saturday, February 23, 2008


Lying under the sun
On green fields
Under the vast trees of shadows
Sparkles of light dance through the leaves
Flashing before my eyes
Across the meadow
Across the fields
Beyond the trees
The smoky skies toil away
Bringing cool wet scents to the air
Songs heard away in the branches
Little flutters of feathers
As the sparrows nestle
Into their new homes

Across the green
Shone white
A flutter of white fabric
Fluttering in the breeze

A white dove
An angel
Rushes across the grass
Flowing her long white gown behind her
Screaming with glee
Laughter sounding like soft bells
Petals touched with dew
Listening to the sounds
Of beauty brings my heart to a leap
This couldn’t be real
The flowing hair
The live eyes
Twinkling in the sunshine

You can see me
She stops
Her laughter halts
And my heart pounds
She trots through toward me
Her feet barely touching the grass
I can’t move
Paralysed by this brilliance
She comes
Bends before me
To inspect me
I lie on the grass dazzled
She reaches down
Plants a gentle kiss
On my lips

My chest confused
Whether to freeze or to explode
‘Tis indeed an angel
Can I actually see her wings?
She lies down beside me
And through the sparkling sunshine
Comes rain

Across the edge of the sky
Comes the great band of light
Spreading in its vibrant limbs
To bridge Heaven and Earth

Here is the angel
Lying next to me
Close as I ever wanted
And twice as free


Ahsan said...

love the environment created in this beautiful poem.And how well it connects the natural with the supernatural.....

Crisscrossing Sanity said...

A very picturesque piece of poetry! There's something about the last two lines, 'Close as I ever wanted / And twice as free.' Of course, they're very pretty. But very disturbing as well. It is a beautiful poem.

Abhijit Chanda said...

Thank you so very much, both of you. THis one was one of my very first non-dark poems. I can't say they are light hearted as they do have their own little bit of darkness but it has a lot of light as well. It was an exploration of love, the first ecstatic, passionate moments of love where everything is so beautiful and perfect, and yet there remains, deep within, a feeling that all of it is only temporary. The very vibrance and freedom that is the nature of this lover would be the reason for its passing....She might some day, fly away from you as well...hence "twice as free"

Tanya said...

heyy jeetu....briliiant as ever and "twice" the light;-) is mesmerising...and takes u in a different world of fantasy.

Abhijit Chanda said...

Thanks so much tany! really appreciate it man! i'll keep putting up more stuff now.