Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Fly Tonight

I fly tonight
But with shadows around me
My soul has been shaken
By the love that has sprung within me

Till now it was craving
To be touched
And known
And now
It breathes life into me

My heart stops
When I think of that moment
Of utter softness
And complete warmth
And yet
It hurts when I think of
The confusion brought forth
By one… single… kiss

Oh, the joy
The pain
For I never wanted you to
Be in this place
A place where your heart
Fights to grip reality
Fights to grip certainty
Of the right and the wrong

And yet this is so right
Never before has someone
Fit so perfectly in my arms
Never before has someone so perfectly
Touched my soul

Such perfection in every inch of you
Has me writhing to hold you
So very close
And make everything right
Make your demons disappear
Make your heart
One with mine
Make one our tears
Let our kiss last the ages
That are counted in the moments
You are not here
If only this night would never end
If only time was on our side
If only such walls did not separate us
If only you could fly by my side
As I fly now
With these shadows around me

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Mojo said...

Touch and go...