Tuesday, November 15, 2005


The fires burned in the nightly glow,
The heat was real,
Chilled the bone
The hearts born there,
Born of black ice,
The eyes that saw there,
Burned in blue hell

As he walked through the passage
To his world,
Creatures of obscurity,
Tumbled towards him,
Straight from the furnace of it?s birth,
The madness creeps in

1 comment:

karishma said...

in smiles and in grief, i will be with you.

in turmoil and relief, i will be with you,

the doors of my mind opened when the sound of ur heavy heart thumped against them.

the realisation of the responsibility i now hold dawned upon me, when i felt your tears against my cheek.

i promise to be by your your side always my love,
crazy madness has just filled me.