Saturday, November 19, 2005

Your War Returns to You

© Copyright Abhijit Chanda 2004

As the bodies fall and feed the Earth
I stare across the desert dreaming
No more that I can do
For this world
All the bodies spread through
Like a ragged velvet carpet
On a hungry ground

Remember the dead
Creep through your thoughts
And remember them
Don?t forget
For they will never forget you
How you teased their minds
Like honey

Freedom cried to be freed
To be born again from the hearts
Of the betrayed
The lonely morals stand once again
The rage of hell

Countless slashed of their lives
Reaped for nothing
A failed harvest
Yet they scream on
In vengeance
For they must have what was never theirs
For they must kill
Who was never born to die
From these hands
Yet they scream on

The thirst for flesh is not enough
One must take what was never given
Never was theirs.

1 comment:

ghanshoo said...

Jeetu, this poem is awesome and so deeep. Waiting to see some more!