Tuesday, November 15, 2005


How can you just leave me?
Sitting here
Sitting here
Breaking through my mental barrier
I want to take you
Take you and break you
Break you away from this torn exile
From this reality in which I am exiled
Exiled for eternity
Broken, shredded, torn
I want to take you away
You don't belong here
You don't belong with me
With my reality
Don't stay with me
I might hurt you
My mind will hurt you
It will break you
Like it broke me
Like it broke me
Like it broke my soul
I am a soulless shell
A body with a demon for a brain
I don't deserve you
You don't deserve me
I might break you
Run away
Before it gets you
I can't stop it
It's got me
It'll make me do things I don't want to
I might take you
I don't want to
Take you, break you
Please leave me
I?m sorry


Sharmishta Goyal said...

Morbid, but quite gripping....and out of curiosity, why so much pain? What troubles you so much, Little Brother?

Abhijit Chanda said...

oh this is a peom i wrote a long time ago. the pain isnt mine. it never is....almost never. i dont know whose it is though.